Cutting-edge building technology from CANCOM

Why you should use our cutting-edge building technology

Server speed alone is not enough to guarantee smooth operation of IT infrastructure. Our modern building technology guarantees you effective data transmission between data center and PC work station and the highest level of security:

  • Data Network Cabling: We plan and install LAN cabling that meets your company’s requirements.
  • Electronics/distribution board construction: As a certified electrician shop, we assume responsibility for planning and installing the electronics in your data center.
  • Data center climate control: From a simple split-system conditioner to an adiabatic cooling system, the ideal operating conditions for your server system will be ensured with a high-availability, high-efficiency, emissions-free solution.
  • Video Surveillance: We offer the planning and setup of modern video surveillance solutions as part of the data center infrastructure.
  • Security Systems: From the beginning, we plan alarm systems in conjunction with the video surveillance and access control systems to protect against physical entry.

Your data is safe with CANCOM!
“Choose the latest building technology for your data center architecture!”

Your opportunities with modern building technology

CANCOM Physical Infrastructure plans and implements building technology for the individual requirements of your company. Cutting-edge technology and the highest security standards guarantee you:

  • Detailed documentation of all installed data networks.
  • Low-voltage main distribution (LVMD) that is optimally adapted to the requirements of your data center. We build the necessary distributors ourselves.
  • A high level of access protection for your servers achieved through biometric processes and IP-based video surveillance solutions.
  • Simplified analysis and archiving.

Your advantages with CANCOM’s cutting-edge building technology

  • Successful networked operation
  • Efficient business processes
  • Uninterruptible power supply ensured by a perfect interplay of all building components
  • Protection of your data from attacks and unauthorized access
  • Constant, seamless security for your data center
  • Reduced personnel costs

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CANCOM IT Container Solutions

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Christian Steininger
Vice President, CANCOM physical infrastructure GmbH


Helmut Hermann
Key Account Manager Datacenter