Data Safes

Why you should use CANCOM Data Safes

Germany requires that documents which have been developed digitally must be archived in digital form. CANCOM offers you various methods of doing so:

  • Data Safe: This option protects your storage media from theft, fire, and heat. We support you with vendor-neutral consulting in the selection of the right Data Safe for your business.
  • BIG IT Shelter: This miniature data center provides protection from all imaginable natural hazards and has the same features that large data centers do – redundant climate control, an extinguishing gas system, and a complete monitoring system ensure ideal server operating conditions. Additional Shelters can be added to the system at any time.

The planning of a secure physical infrastructure for IT operation should include the protection of storage media. CANCOM will help you with all of this!
“Choose a future-proof IT infrastructure with high investment protection!”

Your opportunities with Data Safes

Storage media such as external hard drives, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and tapes are still protected from hackers who would access them through the internet, but their physical presence is no longer required. Data Safes offer you that opportunity.

  • Various methods are used to protect your storage media: double-bitted key locks, electronic coded locks, or a combination of the two.
  • Integrated fire protection for external temperatures of up to 1000 °C
  • Construction of a modular server safe while operation continues normally.
  • Protection not only from physical entry, but from other physical dangers as well.
  • Server operation under difficult conditions: protection from interfering magnetic fields, radio waves, dust, explosions, and falling rubble.
  • Support with vendor-neutral consulting in the selection of the right Data Safe for your business.

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Your advantages with Data Safes

  • Planning and selection of the right Data Safe for your business.
  • Integrated fire protection.
  • Economical alternatives to large security systems.
  • Absolutely no data center downtime.
  • Comprehensive protection for your systems.
  • Module safes protect your server from interfering magnetic fields, radio waves, and dust.
  • Individually tailored solutions.
  • Compact, cost-efficient protection for your server.

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Christian Steininger
Vice President, CANCOM physical infrastructure GmbH


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Key Account Manager Datacenter