Green IT

Why you should use Green IT

Up to 50% of the energy used in a server room today is consumed not by the computers, but by the infrastructure. Green IT concepts from CANCOM allow you not only to improve your energy efficiency, but to help shape environmental protection:

  • Combined heat and power stations: generate energy and heat where they are to be consumed. If you decide on a combined heat and power station, we can offer you planning and construction from a single source.
  • Geothermal energy: a promising technology for energy production with very low CO2 emissions, which can be reduced 80-90% from the levels of conventional solutions.
  • Renewable Energies Renewable energy resources protect the environment and are also becoming increasingly economically significant. A Green IT strategy offers the opportunity to use renewable energies for your data center.


CANCOM optimizes your IT infrastructure in order to identify savings potential and increase energy efficiency.
Choose CANCOM and achieve your goals in a performance-optimizing, environmentally friendly fashion!

Your opportunities with Green IT

In modern companies, IT is number one on the list of energy expenditures. Energy-efficient IT infrastructures not only protect the environment, but also give you the opportunity to significantly reduce your costs:

  • The cogeneration principle makes combined heat and power stations significantly more efficient than large power plants. Energy-efficient climate control can also be used, for example.
  • Operation with fuels such as biogas or vegetable oil is also possible.
  • Our experts analyze your location and develop appropriate solutions that we deliver to you ready-to-use.
  • In order to determine the most economical solution, we generate a side-by-side comparison of various solutions.

Your advantages with Green IT

  • Environmentally-friendly energy for not only the server room, but the entire building.
  • Tremendous savings on energy and heating costs
  • Improvement of IT systems energy efficiency
  • Independence from energy providers
  • Government funding
  • Uncomplicated supply of power and heat or cooling
  • Ecologically and economically sound operation of your data center infrastructure
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

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