Data center planning and construction from a single source

Why you should use data center planning and construction from a single source

When we plan and construct a data center for you, experts from a wide variety of disciplines cooperate to find the optimum solution for every area. During this process, we invest in multiple security concepts for the data center architecture:

  • Climate control: Until a few years ago, little attention was paid to energy usage in data centers. But things have changed: Rising energy prices, the constantly growing number of servers, and the increasing demands on availability ensure that this trend will continue.
  • Fire prevention/extinguishing: We ensure optimum protection from fire damage in data centers and server rooms by using extinguishing gas systems or oxygen reduction solutions. Our experts know what sort of fire prevention system needs to be installed in order to optimize fire safety.
  • Emergency standby system/emergency power generator: We plan a redundant uninterruptible emergency power supply in your data center and implement it with products consisting of high-quality components, but with as few components as possible.
  • IT security rooms: We help you find the correct, economically sensible interpretation of EN-1047-2 for your data center.

CANCOM ensures that the operation of your IT infrastructure is continuous and smooth!
“Choose the next generation of IT security!”

Your opportunities with data center planning and construction from a single source

CANCOM Physical Infrastructure offers vendor-neutral consulting and plans, delivers, and installs the solution you choose. Get everything from a single source:

  • Modern servers with more computing power in less space
  • Planning and implementation of data centers of any size
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Individualized concepts determined by available space and budget
  • Uninterruptible data center emergency power supply
  • All aspects of data center construction

Your advantages with CANCOM’s data center planning and construction from a single source

  • Uninterrupted business processes
  • Excellent performance
  • High availability
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Quick reaction to potential demands
  • Future-proof IT infrastructure with high investment protection
  • Dynamic business processes

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Christian Steininger
Vice President, CANCOM physical infrastructure GmbH


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Key Account Manager Datacenter