Data Center Consulting

Analysis and consulting for optimal performance in your data center

The business capability of all companies today depends on the resident IT infrastructure and thus in particular on the local data center. Here, the requirements are as unique as the companies themselves. The data center must reliably meet the company’s needs in many respects and over the long term: Computing power, availability, security and data protection are just a few examples.
We analyze your needs and advise you so you can get the data center solution that fits your company and optimally supports your business processes. We show you how to make your data center perform at its best.



  • Inventory
  • Risk analysis
  • Energy efficiency consulting
  • IT capacity assessment and creation of a data center strategy
  • TCO/ROI analysis

These are your added values

  • Identification of weak points and risks
  • Cost estimation for additions, renewals or extensions
  • Concept for adaptations, changes or extensions
  • Risk assessments and energy optimization
  • Strategy development and support during implementation

Energy-efficient operation of your data center

Modern data centers are characterized not only by strong performance and reliability, but also by a high degree of energy efficiency. Energy consumption in the data center is rising, not at least because of an increasing demand for data storage and computing power. In addition to the impact on the environment, a significant portion of the operating costs of a data center falls on electricity costs. We will be happy to advise you and help you achieve resource-efficient and sustainable operation of your data center infrastructures.

Benefit from our energy efficiency consulting

Data center energy efficiency check

Basic energetic assessment

  • Consulting service for the explanation of energetic key figures
  • Feasibility check before installing the required measurement technology
  • Installation of measurement technology to determine initial energy indicators during operation
  • Plausibility check of the current energy demand situation
  • Potential analysis

Data center energy efficiency concept

Further concretization of the data center energy efficiency check

  • Determination of data center energy and CO² balance sheet
  • Evaluation of the current data center energy efficiency (PUE/EUE, SEER, ERF, REF, WUE...)
  • Feasibility and quantification of energy efficiency measures
  • Basis for a well-founded, in-house decision on how to proceed (structural implementation)
  • Result protocol

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