Purchase, rent & data center operation

Rent your data center starting from € 1,500!

The expansion and construction of data centers quickly ties up large sums of investment. At the same time, precise budgeting and forecasting of the exact requirements in the medium to long term is very difficult. Unknown price developments, unscheduled expenditures and depreciation problems are unknown variables that are difficult to calculate and can quickly upset the financial plan. With our attractive offers for purchase, lease and operator model, you remain agile in the data center at all times – with maximum financial flexibility at the same time.

Stay flexible in your data center!

An efficient and cost-saving data center environment has become an important competitive factor that may make the difference. Companies today need to be agile and flexible in order to be able to adapt quickly to market changes and their environment. Ensuring the same applies to financial flexibility. No matter if OPEX or CAPEX, we support you in finding the optimal form of procurement that optimally contributes to your business success and promotes your complete value creation.

These are your added values

  • Own data center
    by purchase
  • No capital commitment
    by rental or operator model
  • Full cost transparency
    by rental or operator model
  • No service and maintenance costs
    by rental or operator model


  • Purchase
    Data center resources are procured by means of a classic purchase. Ownership is transferred to you immediately and the purchased components are distributed over the period of use in accordance with the normal period of use according to AfA tables, with an effect on the income statement.
  • Rent
    On the one hand, we offer rental for the classic procurement of data center components. On the other hand, you can rent your turnkey data center for a fixed monthly price. No matter which solutions and services you procure - CANCOM supplies everything from a single source and is your full contractual partner.
  • Operator model
    We operate your customized data center on your company's premises, which you rent from us. With this option, you don't need to worry about the operation of your data center: We take care of everything and you have the resources you currently need available at all times.

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